Keep Your Metabolic System in Check

Keep Your Metabolic System in Check

How to keep the metabolism on fire during the fall/winter months

Your metabolic balance is the essence of a healthy nutritional lifestyle and healthy weight management.  An opportunity to reset your metabolism especially during the fall/winter months with help keep your immune system at its optimal level.  This will aid in food cravings and any poor food choices. 

This program starts with a short 2day preparation phase, your body is gently prepared for the nutritional change and detoxification.  During the 2nd phase, you will take off!  For a minimum of two-weeks you enjoy the foods exclusively selected for you (revealed through the blood requisition results).  In phase 3 you incorporate additional foods into your diet.  Phase 4 starts when you have reached your personal goal and, by adhering to 8 golden rules, you can maintain your new healthy weight, permanently.

Losing weight, balancing your hormones or simply resetting your metabolism is easy with the metabolic balance program.

Based on your personal profile, an individualized nutrition plan is developed for you.  This includes your body measurements, likes and dislikes, medications, diseases, blood type, and an analysis of more than 30 of your unique blood values.  Specific natural combinations of complex carbs and high-quality proteins will improve your senses of taste and smell.  Your body will regain its natural sense of hunger and true satiety.

You will feel energized and a healthy weight-loss along with a program that you can refer to every time you want to reboot your metabolism and/or loose weight.

Some tips and tricks to consider to help the metabolism:

  • Sprinkle Cayenne pepper in your water bottle/glass of water.
  • Drink Alkaline/filtered/mineralized water whenever you can. If you can’t find it consider adding a little pink Himalayan salt, this adds minerals and a wedge of lemon in your water, alkalizes.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee, tea, porridge, etc… this activates the metabolism
  • Drink a cup of warm/hot water in the morning, that has a tablespoon of apple cider, and lemon in it, you can add agave or honey, again another metabolic booster.


For your metabolic program and alkaline water, feel free to contact Metabolic Specialist, Marianthy

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