Beach Babe

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Benefit: Beauty Stimulant ● Anti-Aging

Ready to rock the 90’s bikini comeback this summer with a glow that makes the sun stop and stare? I’m your Baywatch in a bottle that will have the whole bay wanting to be your bae. I was born under the heat of a midnight summer threesome between mango, pineapple, and papaya - otherwise known as the Beach Bum Parfait. The result is my juicy, citrusy, and slightly tangy sweet sensation that tastes as hot as the sun. 

If dewy, sultry tans and refreshing cocktails on a tropical oasis is what you’re manifesting then I’m just the summer soulmate for you. I’ll nourish your skin with my fountain of youth so you can radiate like a perfectly bronzed solar goddess.

Dice loves to do cool sh*t with fruit and Blank Slate loves to put that cool sh*t in a bottle. I’ve been specially designed with glow-up super-ingredients that intensely hydrate and effortlessly beautify. Think a sassy, citrus balance served in a real-life coconut to parch your thirst and magically restore your skin elasticity.

          • Mango
          • Papaya
          • Lime
          • Pineapple
          • Coconut Water
          • Gotu Kola
          • Polygonum
          • Basil Seeds