Outer Peace Punch

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Benefit: Mental Clarity ● Stress Alleviation

 I’m your next crisp and fruity sip towards a more stress-free spirit. My watermelon waterfall is topped with a tang that will be the yin to your yang. Have you ever had that one in a melon chance but not enough guts to take it? I want to give you enough chill to go for the thrill. If you’re ready to walk the coals and embark on your pilgrimage up the mountaintop then let me be the refreshing company that keeps you cool and centred along your journey. My summer-styled watermelon wonder punch is laced with just the right touch of lime and it’s a recipe for a peaceful state of mind. Think refreshing zen fruitiness and balanced chakras. I’m blessed with ancient super-ingredients that are key to good-vibe adventures and calm auras.

          • Watermelon
          • Green Apple
          • Lime
          • Himalayan Pink Salt
          • Maple Syrup
          • Ashwagandha
          • Passionflower