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Benefit: Metabolic Booster ● Digestive

Who knew healing could taste this good? If it’s time to detox your way to digestive ease then I’ve got a mixture that will bring magic to your metabolic system. My sweet and fruity flavours will make your tastebuds feel like they’re walking through an orchard. I’m a burst of freshness that soothes the soul while easing IBS, bloating, and cramps. And, let’s not forget Holy Basil is also in my secret sauce to support happy bellies and deep healing processes. 

I’m the pear-fect transformation partner who smells more like cabbage than I taste. Cabbage is a key player to help you get rid of your toxins and reestablish a clean attitude. But don’t worry if cabbage is not your vibe - you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much my pleasing pear flavour shines!

If you’re ready for some serious restoration then satisfy your senses with my incredible and totally natural blend that is excellent at taking off some of your load and getting to the core of the issue!

          • GREEN APPLE
          • PEAR - I’ve got truckloads of dietary fiber and potassium to keep your cholesterol low 
          • CABBAGE - I’m packed with Vitamin K – which is killer at reversing the clock and keeping your eyes sharp 
          • LEMON
          • GINGER
          • HOLY BASIL