Cleanse 101


We live, eat, and breathe toxins. The modern world serves us with a medley of contamination that we can’t avoid - from the pollution in our air to the pesticides in our food and the chemicals in our water. On top of that, we lose a large portion of nutrients when cooking our food and processed products have minimal nourishment left. Lucky for those of you who are pumped to detox from contemporary society toxicity, cleanses are the  your body needs. By extracting all the nutrients out of fresh produce, you save your body the time and energy that it usually takes on digesting. A cleanse gets the good stuff straight into your bloodstream by ditching an overnight stay in the digestive system. Fasting is basically like pressing a reset button that gives our bodies a complete and total break to do their thing so we can release the toxins, rebalance our cells, and kickstart our way to a kick-ass lifestyle!

In short, a cleanse is loaded with over 30lbs of freshly juiced produce that gives you all you need so you can get rid of all you don’t need. If you want to reach your absolute optimal mind-body-spirit potential then cleanses are an accessible and ancient method to rid yourself of all the sh*t that is holding you back and keeping you in low vibrations. It’s time to rise, so get lighter and get cleaner! But, the benefits of a juice fast go beyond just a reset! They are not just an epic toxin release and a major boost of nutrients. They also gift your body by:

• Amplifying The Immune System
• Enhancing Digestion
• Chilling Out The Nervous System
• Rebalancing Weight Management
• Supporting Muscle Recovery
• Aiding Hormone Balance
• Fostering Full-On Focus
• Enriching Mental Clarity
• Promoting Epic Energy Levels
• Getting That Skin Glow
• Breaking Unhealthy Routines

You’ll probably find that the best part of a juice cleanse was the opportunity to develop mindfulness of your eating habits and mental patterns so you can sort your sh*t out and take the step towards being a better version of yourself.

Juice cleanses don’t come with a rule book. The number one priority is to listen to your body and honor what it needs. In other words- you do you!

This is a question that is best answered by yours truly! Juice fasting is an opportunity to tap into that inner voice and learn how to trust yourself. Your body is the best guidebook available. If you are ready to explore the ultimate benefits of a cleanse, give a three-day juice cleanse a shot because a detox is guaranteed during this timeframe! But remember, this is a personal journey - some go-getters prefer to juice for longer until they can feel they are totally detoxified and sh*t free! However, something to keep in mind is age. As we age, a lot more toxins are stored in our bodies so you may need a bit more time to get it all out. You can count on five or seven full days of juicing to give you a supernatural cleanse by purifying your blood of all the bacteria and harmful parasites that need to be escorted out of your temple!

• 1 Day Cleanse
• 3 Day Cleanse
• 5 Day Cleanse
• 7 Day Cleanse



Ready to dive in and see some results? While juicing is not about instant gratification, we see you and we’ve got something for you! This is a beautifully balanced cleanse that is palatable for the beginner and popular for the traditional cleanser. It’s ideal for those looking to elevate their health and connect with a heightened awareness of their body. Explore the perfect program focused on jump-starting your detoxification and healing journey. It’s easy to follow with each juice numbered to be consumed consecutively roughly every 2-3 hours. Water is your best friend during a fast and non-caffeinated herbal tea is great to support you too. For optimal benefits, chill out in the evening soaking in a ½ cup Epson Salt bath, this amplifies your toxin elimination and prepares you for an indulgent night of deep rest. If you’re a rebel with a cause or a hero with a mission and you live a busy lifestyle, this cleanse is well suited for you and will support you during your unstoppable resilience.

Cleanse Juicing Order:

1. Move 01
2. Glow 01
3. Glow 02
4. Woke 01
5. Heal 01
6. Calm 02
7. Origin 01


Bacteria doesn’t care if you’ve got a Ph.D., it just cares about the PH levels in your body. Creating an alkaline environment in your temple is the number one strategy to keep stress, sickness, and diseases at bay. This cleanse contains minimal sugar and is designed to ascend your system through the power of alkalizing. It’s created for our experienced cleansers who have detoxed before but are seeking a deeper cleanse with drastic results If you’re ready to get to the root of your issues then this one’s for you. Follow the program by consuming each juice numbered consecutively roughly every 2-3 hours. Drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated herbal tea to support body weight. For optimal benefits, chill out in the evening soaking in a ½ cup Epson Salt bath, this amplifies your toxin elimination and prepares you for an indulgent night of deep rest.

Cleanse Juicing Order:

1. Move 01
2. Woke 01
3. Calm 02
4. Origin 01
5. Glow 01
6. Move 01
7. Calm 01