Cleanse Information


We live, eat, and breathe toxins. The modern world serves us with a medley of contamination that we can’t avoid - from the pollution in our air to the pesticides in our food and the chemicals in our water. On top of that, we lose a large portion of nutrients when cooking our food and processed products have minimal nourishment left. Lucky for those of you who are pumped to detox from contemporary society toxicity, cleanses are the  your body needs. By extracting all the nutrients out of fresh produce, you save your body the time and energy that it usually takes on digesting. A cleanse gets the good stuff straight into your bloodstream by ditching an overnight stay in the digestive system. Fasting is basically like pressing a reset button that gives our bodies a complete and total break to do their thing so we can release the toxins, rebalance our cells, and kickstart our way to a kick-ass lifestyle!

In short, a cleanse is loaded with over 30lbs of freshly juiced produce that gives you all you need so you can get rid of all you don’t need. If you want to reach your absolute optimal mind-body-spirit potential then cleanses are an accessible and ancient method to rid yourself of all the sh*t that is holding you back and keeping you in low vibrations. It’s time to rise, so get lighter and get cleaner! But, the benefits of a juice fast go beyond just a reset! They are not just an epic toxin release and a major boost of nutrients. They also gift your body by:

• Amplifying The Immune System
• Enhancing Digestion
• Chilling Out The Nervous System
• Rebalancing Weight Management
• Supporting Muscle Recovery
• Aiding Hormone Balance
• Fostering Full-On Focus
• Enriching Mental Clarity
• Promoting Epic Energy Levels
• Getting That Skin Glow
• Breaking Unhealthy Routines

You’ll probably find that the best part of a juice cleanse was the opportunity to develop mindfulness of your eating habits and mental patterns so you can sort your sh*t out and take the step towards being a better version of yourself.

Juice cleanses don’t come with a rule book. The number one priority is to listen to your body and honor what it needs. In other words- you do you!


This is a question that is best answered by yours truly! Juice fasting is an opportunity to tap into that inner voice and learn how to trust yourself. Your body is the best guidebook available. If you are ready to explore the ultimate benefits of a cleanse, give a three-day juice cleanse a shot because a detox is guaranteed during this timeframe! But remember, this is a personal journey - some go-getters prefer to juice for longer until they can feel they are totally detoxified and sh*t free! However, something to keep in mind is age. As we age, a lot more toxins are stored in our bodies so you may need a bit more time to get it all out. You can count on five or seven full days of juicing to give you a supernatural cleanse by purifying your blood of all the bacteria and harmful parasites that need to be escorted out of your temple!

• 1 Day Cleanse
• 3 Day Cleanse
• 5 Day Cleanse
• 7 Day Cleanse

How Do I Prepare for a Juice Cleanse Journey?

Preparation makes a huge effect on how your juice journey unfolds. Your optimal experience and unparalleled performance is always our number one priority so here are a few words of advice that will equip you to get the most out of this epic detox! Leading up to the start of your juice journey, take these tips into account...our recommended preparation period is a minimum of 3 to 4 days prior.

  • Eliminate coffee or any caffeine intake, alcohol, or carbonated beverages
  • Say goodbye to all refined sugars, flours, or processed food/drinks from your diet
  • Limit or even better, omit meat, fish, dairy
  • Consume more fruits & vegetables, healthy fats, & whole grains
  • Snack on nuts & seeds
  • Drink heaps of water!
  • Set an intention before the program

Everyone’s body is different so be open to embracing your unique experience for what it is! We won’t be able to tell you exactly how you will react but we are determined to prepare you with the tools, knowledge, and mindset to get the best results!

During your Cleanse...

Rumor has it that superheroes and superstars all share this one thing in common: they start their day with warm water and lemon! And, so should you. Get committed to a morning routine by sipping on some lemon that will flush sh*tty toxins out of your body while alkalizing and hydrating your system. Within the next 30-45 minutes, you will be ready to get juiced up and can enjoy your first juice of the brand new day.

  • Let your juices get home-y in your refrigerator
  • Cold pressed juice ingredients will naturally settle. Don’t freak out, just shake it up!

Don’t down it, savor it. Spend about 15 to 20 minutes enjoying each juice to give your body an opportunity to absorb all the nutritional goodness• To chew your juice? This is totally up to you! Cold pressed juice is extracted directly from the ingredient into liquid and loaded with an array of nutritional value with the purpose of being rapidly absorbed into your system. Slow things down, and give your digestive system that vacay it needs. Here’s a fun tip! Drink your juice with a straw to promote the release of saliva while you enjoy it.


During a juice fast, a conscious effort is required to make sure you are getting enough liquids throughout the day. Fluids are your friend so get as much of them in as you can.

Don’t forget, healing is not always pretty! We commend you for being brave enough to take on the challenge and we know you are going to feel epic at the end, but keep in mind that side effects like fatigue, headaches, light-headedness, joint pains, etc are all amazing signs that your body is detoxifying. So, give yourself a high five for getting rid of all that sh”t because you are just making space for so much goodness to nourish you in its place. As the toxins are released, they temporarily find their way through your bloodstream until it’s ‘adios omegos’!
This is what juicing is all about, don’t resist it - just grab that jug of water and help your body flush them out.

On a normal day, when you DO NOT do a cleanse, you can calculate how much water you need by taking your body weight in pounds, divide it into two and that’s the number of ounces you will need in a day. So, for example, your body weight = 160 pounds. Divide into two = 80 pounds. Your requirement = 80 ounces / 8oz a glass = TEN 8oz glasses

During a juice cleanse, make sure you’re getting all those glasses in, baby!

Caffeine-free herbal teas are also a perfect companion to sip throughout the day. Opt for Peppermint, Ginger, Dandelion, and Chamomile teas as wonderful remedies to soothe the tummy and support digestion and relaxation.

Post Cleanse Maintenance

The best part of a juice cleanse? The benefits linger on in your system even after you’ve completed your program. Score! At Blank Slate, we want to equip you to transmute those benefits into healthier habits and conscious choices that optimize your day to the maximum. Once you have completed your program, your body and senses will be more sensitive so tune into that clarity. Naturally, your body will be drawn to choosing healthier foods. As you slowly reintroduce solid foods, be sure to begin with wholesome fruits and vegetables. Chew mindfully, take time to appreciate your food, and this will simultaneously allow your digestive system to adjust. Processed food is pretty much poisonous so cut it out as much as you can. You will have cravings creep up on you but don’t let your temptations torture you. Do your best to stay balanced. Remember, H20 is always the way to go! Drink lots of water and then drink some more.We’re here to support you as you explore a healthier lifestyle and practice habits and patterns that will point you to the highest version of yourself! We want you to expand into the ultimate state of mind and body you can create for yourself.

Stages of Cleansing

Days 1-2
The first wave of cleansing is usually the worst so hang in there. If you experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, glazed eyes, or a heavily coated tongue, just know that these are positive signs that the first stage of cleansing and detoxifying is working. Hunger can be the most challenging and intense to overcome during this period unless an enema is used, which quickly assists the body into the fasting state by ending digestion in the colon. Just remember, you’re a warrior and by taking this step out of your comfort zone, you are creating magic for your body and mind! At this stage, it’s important to keep your intention close to you so you can continuously remind yourself why you are started in the first place.

Days 3-7
The skin is likely to produce higher amounts of oil as rancid oils are purged from the body. Goodbye, grossness! People with problem-free skin may possibly experience a few days of pimples or even a boil. A pallid complexion may also arise as a sign of waste in the blood. Hunger may persist for the first few days of the cleanse but keep your mindset strong and remember that this side effect is temporary. The desire to eat will eventually disappear. The body embraces the cleanse and the digestive system is able to take that much-needed vacay, focusing all of its’ energies on a beautiful process of cleansing and healing. White blood cell and immune system activity increases. You may feel pain in your lungs because the cleansing organs and the lungs are in the process of being rapidly repaired. Within the intestine, the colon is also being undergoing reparation and impacted feces on the intestinal wall will start to loosen. Shortly after the detoxification period, you will be in awe at how you have bounced back with intense renewed energy and strength. The warrior starts to truly emerge and this is a strong indication that you are much less toxic than when you began this juicing journey. From that point on, the cleansing periods will shorten and you will feel longer periods of restoration, renewal and reinstalled calm. Your eyes will get brighter and your skin will glow like you drank from the fountain of youth. We hope that as you end your juice cleanse, you take the opportunity to show gratitude to yourself for taking the plunge and use this new energy to reflect on your diet and where you could possibly improve. Above all, may this experience enhance your life from the inside out.