1. What is cold-pressed technology?

If this isn’t the way you’re juicing up then you’ve been doing it wrong all along! Simply put, cold-pressed is made with a hydraulic press, which applies a ton of weight (thousands of pounds if you want to get technical) to extract optimal amounts of nutrient-dense liquid from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Unlike conventional cutting blades or high-speed juicers, Cold-pressed technology does not produce heat or oxidization ensuring live enzymes, the dietary value, and most importantly, the taste of the original ingredients is preserved. This is a no-bullsh*t method, it guarantees maximum nutritional value extraction that lasts longer than your run-of-the-mill juice. So, drink up your optimal potential and own your day like the bad*ss you are!


2. What are the benefits of cold-pressed juice?

Where to begin!? The benefits of cold-pressed juice extend past physical nutrition, the benefits seep into your mind, body, and soul, fueling you to take on the unthinkable and thrive! Unlike commercial juicing methods that destroy essential enzymes, cold-pressed juice retains a higher concentration of vitamins and enzymes. Our juice is raw, unpasteurized, non-HPP, and is packed with the goodness your gut thirsts for. High-Pressure Processing (HPP) brings ingredients to a very high temperature for a short period and then is immediately cooled down. Chemicals are then added to inhibit harmful bacteria forming, to extend shelf life. This also means you lose all the good bacteria too, and trust us, your body needs that stuff! Any method to extend shelf life significantly reduces the enzymes that our bodies need. At Blank Slate, we believe that our fresh ingredients speak for themselves and no preservatives should go into our juices. We swear by our raw, fresh cold-pressed juices and their plentiful goodness, and soon you will too.


3. What is the shelf life of your juice?

At Blank Slate, we press our juice as the order comes in, to ensure you receive the freshest product out there! The focal point of our cold-pressed juices is that they are raw, non-HPP, and packed with nutrients (with a little bit of love thrown in too). Therefore, it is NB that you keep your juices refrigerated as soon as they leave the insulated delivery box, to keep them delicious and fresh for as long as possible. 

Traditional cold-pressed juices generally only have a shelf-life of about 3-5 days but we knew mother nature has more game than that! Our juices are an example of pure innovation and last up to 14 days without any additives, preservatives, or nasties - pretty cool or should we rather say pretty cold-pressed. Each juice serving is specially infused with live vegan probiotics and apoptogenic herbs, and we recommend that you consume your juices within the two-week shelf life to receive optimal benefits from these nutritional additives. We know that time flies by whilst you strive towards your dreams, so we have conveniently labeled each bottle with the best before date to ensure you get the maximum amount of nutrients from our juices!


4. What is an Adaptogen?  

A class of plants built to resist and relieve stress and anxiety by balancing the function of glands and immune responses. Adaptogens, when consumed, adapt to your body's atmosphere targeting the nervous system and overall well-being of the brain, providing the body a sense of biological boost. The uses of adaptogen infused goods aid in not only relieving stress and anxiety but also targets the consumer’s immune system, are antioxidant-rich, enhance mental clarity and aid as antidepressant building resistance to stress.  


5. What are Probiotics… and YES our infusion is Vegan?

Live microorganisms that when ingested provided health benefits. They promote good bacteria and fight off the bad bacteria. Improves digestion, reduces inflammation and restores the overall gut flora and microbiome.   

Coconut water can be used to create a dairy-free kefir probiotic. Coconut does not contain lactose making it a suitable option for individuals with allergies or who follow a vegan diet.  Kefir is fermented specifically through grains that depend on water to be produced. Blank Slates Probiotic infusion is based on a coconut water kefir blend giving your body all the probiotic benefits its needs and also a vegan alternative!  


6. I have dietary restrictions; can I consume your products?

Listen, we are not medical professionals, so we always recommend that you double-check the label before you consume any of our products. All of our products are all-natural, raw, vegan, preservative-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, with no binders, no fillers, and no added refined sugar (yeah, they are pretty fantastic). All Blank Slate products are produced in a facility that handles nuts and certain products contain adaptogens and probiotics, so it is essential to read through the label information before taking the first sip. We always recommend before any adjustment to your diet or starting a cleanse program, that you speak to your medical practitioner and seek out professional medical advice from a licensed medical doctor.


7. Should I be consuming fibre? (And, what the heck is fibre?!)

Newsflash, your gut is as important as your brain. In fact, some people even consider your stomach as a brain of its own! To thrive in your day-to-day life, you need to nourish and care for your gut. Fibre is important to your digestive health as it helps carry nutrients through your system and ensure you stay regular (and let’s be honest, everyone has gotta go!). Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are packed with fibre, and when consuming these ingredients whole, your body uses a lot of time and energy to digest and convert them into nutritional benefits. Juicing extracts nutrients and fibres that are trapped in the layers of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and once consumed, these are then released directly into your bloodstream, giving your digestive system the much-deserved break to recoup and focus on healing and allowing you to put that energy to better use by going out and conquering your day.


8. Do your products contain added sugar?

No added sugar! And you thought Blank Slate juices couldn’t get any better. Our cold-pressed juices are sweetened with the natural sugars found within mother nature’s raw ingredients. Natural sugar is bundled up with essential fibre and nutrients, which aren’t present in refined sugar, ensuring you receive the maximum nutrients and energy to help sustain you throughout your purpose-driven day. Hold the sugar honey, you’re sweet enough!


9. Are your products high in sugar and calories?

We don’t believe in counting calories but rather the nutritional value of a product. Our juices are specially created to contain none of the bad stuff; absolutely no added preservatives, refined sugars, or artificial coloring. We know we can’t convert all of the calorie counters out there, so here it is; our products vary from 50-300 cal per serving and the nutritional content will vary but have no doubt, each product is filled to the brim with nutrients. High sugar content is associated with processed products, and the higher the sugar content, the lower the nutrition value. This is definitely not a worry when it comes to Blank Slate products. Our products contain 100% natural sugar extracted from our ingredients, which is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to give your body the energy and strength it needs to seize each and every day.


10. Where do you buy your ingredients? 

In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop local. At Blank Slate, we purchase our ingredients from local farms and shops right here in Ontario as much as possible. In addition, we work with the sister farms to our local vendors who are situated in warmer climates, to ensure we can meet demand as the climate changes. Blank Slate prides itself on using ethically-sourced produce with the proper documentation to support the high quality and standard of the ingredients that make up our epic juices. A large portion of our purchase produce is made up of juicing-grade ingredients. This means that all the perfectly nutritious, fresh ingredients that get turned away from grocery stores for being marked or scratched, are sold to us, of course ensuring the quality control is up to par and to the Blank Slate Standards. We jump at the opportunity to reduce unnecessary food wastage! With each sip, you are supporting local farmers, sustainable sourcing methods, and waste – it’s the secret to why our juice tastes so damn good! P.s: the planet will love you for it too!


11. Do you accept returned bottles?

We know not to mess with Mother Earth. There is no Planet B and we embrace our responsibility and place huge importance on doing our part to protect our glorious Earth. We encourage the return of our glass bottles and insulated boxes, to be recycled and reused. Upon delivery, we will collect the used glass bottles and insulated boxes from your previous order when left outside, rinsed, and in good condition. Please note that we don’t collect unless we are delivering new products - some additional encouragement to get in your next order!

All provincial and federal COVID-19 regulations are followed. 


12. Do you deliver to my area, what are the delivery charges, and when will my order arrive?

We know you're excited to get our products, and we want to get them to you! We are proud to say that we now deliver across nationally across Canada. We deliver to most areas across Canada, so please reach out if you are struggling to find your delivery destination, as we are continuing to grow and reach new locations day by day. Blank Slate can also be found across multiple online and retail Market Place vendors in the Toronto area. 

Our delivery days are Thursdays (Across Canada) and Sundays (GTA) from 8am-8pm. We work on a 48-hour notice basis. All inventory is made to order specific for your juice delivery. Select the preferred delivery date from the calendar options at checkout.

If you have any specific questions in regards to your delivery zone, date, time, or fee, please email info@blanslatewellnes.com and get in touch with you as soon as possible!