Glossary Terms

Beauty Stimulant

Beauty shines from the inside out since it’s a byproduct of a body nurtured with nourishment.

These stimulants foster radical cellular restoration so you can glow brighter than the sunrise and fall in love with what you see in the mirror.

These compounds are the warriors of your body that have your cells’ back by protecting them from oxidation which can damage your cells and cause health issues in the long run.
Antioxidants are your fav flu fighters and neutralizers of free radicals.

Water is life. You are 60% H20 and without your daily dose of water, you wouldn’t survive longer than 3 days. By keeping your water tank topped up with enriched H2O, you are empowering your body to function better and giving it what it needs to continuously cleanse, detox, and live life boldly.

Cellular Repair
Elevate your performance on a cellular level. Cells are broken from a thief we call oxidation and when one cell is damaged, it can negatively affect and influence other cells. Cellular Repair remedies heal you at the core and keep your cells in check.

Have you ever overindulged at the buffet or eaten something you knew wasn’t going to sit well?
Digestive enzymes are the elixir for gut health. It promotes intestinal functions and breaks down heavy food into digestible compounds that pass through like a breeze.

Metabolic Booster
Need some extra help burning those calories? These boosters are excellent at revving up your metabolism by converting food into energy more efficiently. A powered-up metabolic rate is just what you need to manage your weight, maintain muscle mass, and boost your sassy confidence.

Immune Support
Strong immunity is the foundation of health. By gifting your body with immune support, you give your system the superpower to resist microorganisms and germs that want to catch a ride on your health. When it comes to keeping viruses away, this is the best health habit you can have to kick those nasties to the curb!

Brain Activator
Filled with neuro-nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamins that dial your brain power up!
Whether you’re working, studying, or tapping into creativity - brain activators are the cognitive cure to enhance mental clarity, increase focus, and retain memory.

Energy Stimulant
An energy elixir that gives you a 100% pure boost! If you want to own your day with slow releasing fuel that has you fired up from dawn to dusk then supercharge your system with these sustainable nutrients. Excellent for amplifying mental capacity and promoting physical vitality.

Simultaneously reduce inflammation and relieve pain. By releasing swelling caused by injury or infection, you give your body a remedy to restore and repair. Nothing can get you down for too long because you’ll get right back up with a fire burning brighter than before!

Cognitive Function
Explore new neural pathways using mind enhancers. Discover better memory retention when learning, more clarity when thinking, and deeper logic when reasoning. A brain booster that will have you problem-solving like Einstein and making decisions like you’re the president.

Stress Alleviation
Find balance and restore your inner zen. By soothing your nervous system, you reserve more energy for your mind and body to expend on more important things than stressing. Your wellbeing makes your world a better place so let go by indulging in calming compounds.

Mental Clarity
Remove brain fog and discover the power of a mind on top of its game. By releasing indecision, what-ifs, overwhelm and worry  - you can embrace a clear state of mind that is focused on your goals and moves to the beat of motivation.

Essential Fatty Acids
Omega-3, Omega-6, and Gamma Linolenic Acids are essential to keep your body maintaining its necessary functions. By increasing your intake of fatty acids, you enhance your immunity and keep your skin glowing while reducing heart disease and high blood pressure risk factors.

Hormone Balancer
Supporting the glands that produce and regulate hormones will reduce mood swings and balance your emotions so you can find your chill. Managing hormones is also an effective step in weight control and fertility.  After all, balanced hormones = balanced life.

Sleep Aid
Dive deeper into dreamscapes with an antidote for insomnia. Getting a good night’s sleep regularly is vital to allow your body to repair and restore itself. Improving your quality of sleep can help you prevent weight gain and mental disorders such as depression. Wake up feeling revitalized and ready to take the day on like a boss!

When acidity thrives, you don’t. A body that is too acidic results in cells being deprived of oxygen, the body starts to steal calcium from your bones and magnesium from your cells. By balancing your body’s PH, you can live a healthier, more energized, and vibrant life.

The blockages in your body mirror the blockages in your beliefs. When there is not enough flow, there is a need to explore what is causing the congestion. Specialized herbs are utilized to increase urine flow allowing for more comfort and freedom.

Heart Health
Your heart is the most important organ in your body. A healthy heart not only supports a vital body but allows us to tap into a heart-led lifestyle. Nourishing the heart reduces the risk of disease by lowering cholesterol and pumping up cardiovascular health through blood purification and balanced blood sugar levels.

Circulation Support
Get your blood flowing throughout your body so that every cell can be nourished with the oxygen it needs to be at optimal performance. By controlling your blood pressure, you will avoid arteriosclerosis and other conditions that are rooted in stagnancy.

Muscle Recovery
Rest is a part of the process. Your muscles need to be nurtured with the nutrients that reduce pain and swelling. As you work your way to a better, stronger, faster you - make sure you include a remedy that stimulates muscle joint repair in your regime.

Detoxing is needed for growth and expansion. When you are ready to ascend, take time to cleanse. Detox compounds are designed to purify the gut, organs, blood, and lymphatic system of toxic accumulation so you can get rid of the old sh*t and make space for the new.