Ingredients List

Almonds // Essential Fatty Acids, Heart Health

Vitamin E is my middle name mono-saturated fatty acids are my game! You’d probably go nuts without me because I’ve got all the goods to make you feel good. I’m high in protein plus I bring a side of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Your heart loves my vibe because I keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and your blood sugar levels low. 


Aloe Vera // Immune Support, Detox, Digestive 

Aloe from the other side - where the grass is greener and the guts are cleaner. I’ve got acemannan and antivirals on my side which are a match made in heaven for your immune system. Can’t catch your breath? I got you boo, I’ll fill your lungs more than a Kundalini class will. And if a trip to the toilet is in order, I’ll get you prepped with balanced intestinal flora so your digestion is a dream and you can detox all those demons out of you.


Apple // Diuretic, Heart Health 

I’ve been around for millennia keeping your bowel movin’ and groovin’. My ammunition is flavonoids like cyanidin and epicatechin which are warriors against free radicals and kings of draining inflammation, freeing your heart from cholesterol, repairing blood vessels and keeping your blood pressure under control. My fibers are so strong, even your best stomach enzymes can’t break me down, so I’ll get your GI tract clear and your weight on track.


Beets //  Antioxidant, Circulation Support 

Dance to the beet of your own melody with my earthy tune that gets your antioxidants in check. I’ll keep your blood flowing better than your best moves and I’ll keep it pure too. My riches include treasures like dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates to lower your blood pressure, boost that good stamina and detox your liver.


Blu Majik // Anti-Inflammatory, Muscle Recovery, Flight Free Radicals 

Been up in the gym working on your fitness? Call on me to work my Majik on your tender muscles. I’ll soothe your discomfort and reduce your inflammation. I’ve got an antioxidant army that are troopers at fighting free radicals.



Cabbage // Cellular Repair, Digestive 

I’m packed with Vitamin K – which is killer at reversing the clock, keeping your eyes sharp, and supporting your bones. They say good health starts in the gut and that’s my game, I’ll get stuck into your digestive system so your good feels within shine without.


Carrots // Circulation Support, Immune Support, Beauty Stimulant

Nothing better than that beta-carotene I’ve got under my belt. I multiply your white blood cells so they can regulate your immune system. And, with a recipe of antioxidants, lutein, lycopene, and silicon, I’ll smooth out those wrinkles and slow down the ageing of your cells.


Cayenne // Detox, Heart Health, Metabolic Booster 

I’m the type of spice where a little goes a long way. They put me in every ancient remedy because I reduce your cholesterol level and dissolve fibrin, the fiend that causes the formation of blood clots. If you need to get hot, I’ll get your body temperature up and your metabolism running extra sleek too.


Celery // Detox, Digestive  

I’m nature’s scrubbing brush. I’ll sweep your system out with a power wash of folic acid, iron, and Vitamin C. I’ll assist you with timely trips to the toilet and get any gallbladder stones gone. But not only am I the defence you need for detoxification and digestion - I’m also the back-up you need to strengthen your army of white blood cells.


Chlorophyll // Cellular Repair, Detox 

I’ll fight cancer with my algae attitude. I’m a remedy for cellular repair thanks to my talent for cleansing your body of heavy metals and reducing the bonding of carcinogens in your liver. I’ll get the quantity and quality of your red blood cell count up and detox you from your demons.


Cinnamon // Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive, Heart Health 

You might know me as your favorite chai spiced latte ingredient but I’ve actually got a bigger reputation for being a bad*ss digestive aid. I’ve got the goods to keep your blood sugar levels low, regulate your insulin and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.


Coconut Water // Energy Stimulant, Hydration

You don’t need to take a trip to Thailand to drink up the benefits of my tropical cure. I’m a fruit that gets you fired up, ready to dance the night away and I’m good for rehydration the next day too. I’m the pure and perfect overload of electrolytes and potassium your body has been dreaming of.


Cucumber // Alkalizer, Detox, Hydration, Stress Alleviation

Need to keep cool and calm? I won’t just keep you hydrated, I’ll tell your toxins to take a hike and keep your weight in check. My water content is high and so is my dietary fiber, protein, and calcium. I can regulate your body’s PH and your anxiety thanks to my range of B vitamins, baby.


Dandelion Green // Detox, Beauty Stimulant, Cellular Repair

Nutrient-rich powerhouse and liver cleanser. Vitamin C promotes collagen formation 

Everyone needs some dandelion power in their life, I’m a nutrient-rich liver cleanser. I’ll dose you with Vitamin C and keep you looking fly by boosting collagen formation. If you’ve never had a dandelion detox, you haven’t quite lived yet.


Ginger // Immune Support, Antioxidant, Circulation Support

They don’t call me the ginger ninja for nothing. I’m the cure for queasiness and a natural analgesic. My abundance of antioxidants, protein and calcium aren’t just an antidote to your pain, they’re also a recipe to induce body circulation. And, while I keep your blood pumping, I’ll also keep your immune system thriving!  


Himalayan Pink Salt // Alkalizer, Hormone Balancer   

Sourced from the rooftop of the world as the ultimate alkalizer - I gift your body with 84 essential minerals and electrolytes. Being the purest form of nature, my salty powers are bomb at boosting your body’s ability to heal, regulating your PH level,l and restoring its own natural health.


Kale // Antioxidant, Cellular Repair, Immune Support

A craze has been formed around my superfood status. As the ‘Queen of Greens’, I’m a defense against cancer packed with antioxidants. I’m also high in Omega-3 fatty acids making me the natural defender for neutralizing radicals. And to top it off, I’ve got phytochemicals to regulate your immune system. 


Lemon // Diuretic, Detox, Immune Support  

When life hands you me, say thank you. Not only do I add zest to your life and keep you hydrated, but I also easily cleanse away harmful toxins. I’m antibacterial, alkaline and a beast at breaking down fat to flush out your urinary and digestive system. 


Maple Syrup // Antioxidant, Cellular Repair, Energy Stimulant 

Sugar is poison but I’m an antioxidant superstar. I make it easy to ditch the bad sh*t and replace it with my good sh*t. My riches lie in minerals like zinc and manganese providing protective enzymes such as benzoic, gallic, and cinnamic acid to empower your body repair itself.


MCT Oil // Cognitive Function, Digestive, Energy Stimulant 

I’m a form of saturated fatty acids known as Medium Chain Triglycerides. I’m quickly becoming the popular kid on the block thanks to my beneficial effects on both the body and the mind. I stimulate the metabolism to assist with weight loss, plus I boost your cognitive function so you can think without the fog.


Mint // Stress Alleviation, Digestive, Immune Support

Did you know mojitos chill people out because of me? I’m not just the most refreshing herb around, I also keep the nervous system tranquil and boost digestion. I’m a powerful antioxidant that can ease your anxiety and your nausea.


Orange // Cellular Repair, Immune Support, Beauty Stimulant

I’m not just a delicious citrus, I’m also a damn powerful fighter that reduces the risk of a stroke and cancer by multiplying your white blood cells. I’m overloaded with iron, Vitamin B6, folate, potassium, and thiamine to keep your stomach regular and lower your cholesterol.


Parsley // Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive  

I’m the kind of vibey herb you want to sprinkle everywhere you can. My antioxidants are out of this world - I’ve got tons of vitamin C and beta-carotene to keep arthritis away. I also balance your blood pressure while supporting your bones and health. And, my folic acid is phenomenal at keeping your kidneys happy.


Pear // Digestive, Heart Health, Energy Promoter

I’m pear-fect for a natural boost of energy! I’ve got truckloads of dietary fiber and potassium, so I’ll keep your cholesterol and blood pressure lower than the limbo.


Pineapple // Anti-Inflammatory, Energy Promoter, Muscle Recovery

I’m the fine-apple that bites back. I’ve got a rare enzyme called Bromelain which aids in breaking down complex proteins because I basically eat them for you. I also keep your bones on top form by alleviating joint pain. Let me feed you with the Vitamin C,  B, and thiamine you need to ease stomach cramps and increase digestion.


Pitted Dates // Heart Health, Weight Management   

I’m so damn naturally sweet, you won’t need to give in to those sugar cravings. I’ll also curb your appetite so you don’t binge on junk. I’m the best weight-loss buddy around that keeps you enriched with potassium and fibre while regulating your cholesterol. 


Raw Apple Cider Vinegar // Digestive, Metabolic Booster 

I’m the liquid massage your body has been desperate for. I’ll clear your lymph nodes and break up any additional mucus lurking in your system. My anti-glycemic properties are an ancient remedy for healthy gut flora and I’m an epic appetite suppressor too.


Raw Honey // Antioxidant, Digestive, Immune Support  

Looking for one of the world’s sweetest superfoods? I’m right here, honey. And, I’m one of the baddest b*tches around with antibacterial, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. Plus, I’ve got nutraceuticals to remove your free radicals and digest stored fat.


Romaine Lettuce // Detox, Hormone Balancer, Muscle Recovery

I’m not rabbit food, I’m brain food baby! I nourish the adrenal cortex with all the love it needs. My powerhouse comes into balance and detoxify your body. I’ll the perfect gym buddy because I strengthen your muscles and help you with weight management.  


Rose Water // Beauty Stimulant, Cellular Repair, Stress Allia  

I’ll keep your skin looking as soft as my petals with anti-inflammatory properties and anti-ageing stimulants. My flower power is excellent at soothing the nervous system and keeping you feeling the love from your body.


Spinach // Cognitive Function, Heart Health, Circulation Support 

Popeye knew the deal when he used me as ammo. I don’t just pump you with protein, I’m a perfect source of Vitamin K, A, C B6, B2, magnesium, folate, and iron. I’ll keep your bones and heart on form until you’re old with 13 phytonutrients. 


Spirulina // Brain Activator, Detox, Cellular Repair 

I’m an algae with enough antioxidants to build an army. They call me the digestive angel because I boost the absorption of nutrients in your body. I also keep your mind and your cells on top form so you can think like Einstein and look like Marilyn Monroe.


Tocotrienols (Tocos) // Beauty stimulant, Immune Support, Antioxidant 

Call me Tocos for short. I’m a super-concentrated source of Vitamin E and D that is top class in tissue regeneration and toxin removal. My antioxidants make me an anti-inflammatory that will support and rejuvenate your immune system in all the right ways.


Turmeric // Anti-Inflammatory, Brain Activator, Muscle Recovery 

I’m a star player in most recipes because I get to the root of your issue. I’ve got a kick*ss compound called Curcumin that contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. I’m known in ancient cultures as a brain booster and a remedy for arthritic pain, gout, and muscle pain.


Vanilla // Cellular Repair, Antioxidant, Stress Alleviation 

I’m the pod that helps your body beat the odds of cells and tissues breaking down around the body. I’m naturally delicious and I stimulate natural growth which promotes a healthy immune system. Need to chill out? I’ve got stress alleviation properties to keep you cool like Vanilla Ice.


Oats // Antioxidant, Circulation Support  

Meet the yogi in the plant family, I’m as balanced as they come. My nutrient composition is as composed as a tree pose. I’ll get you high on manganese, thiamine, and a special buffet of antioxidants known as avenanthramides. They’re special because I’m one of the few foods that have them and they’re functional at improving blood pressure and circulation.


Kofe // Energy Promoter, Metabolic Booster  

I’m mandatory in the morning because I’m a machine at magnifying your metabolic rate and burning fat. I also increase epinephrines in blood and I’m the energy booster everyone loves 


Basil Seeds // Digestion, Stress Alleviation, Heart Health 

If you thought fruit was at the forefront of fiber foods, think again. I’m one of the richest fibers around with a high dose of minerals calcium, magnesium, and iron too. You can count on me to regulate blood sugar levels, relieve stress, and reduce inflammation.


Siberian Ginseng // Immune Support, Cognitive Function, Brain Activator  

I’m the Siberian warrior that will get you in optimal mental and physical performance. You’ll be ready to take on anything because I’ll build your resistance to environmental stress. I’m also an immune balancer so that you can be strong from the inside out.


White Willow // Anti-Inflammatory, Muscle Recovery 

You’ve never met a tree like me. My leaves have been used in antiquity by indigenous North Americans to relieve pain and fever for eras. I’m dressed with salicylates which are precursors to the acetylsalicylic drug we know as aspirin so I’ll ease your headaches and your back pain while helping your muscles to make a come-back.


Hawthorn // Heart Health, Circulation Support 

Every heart could do with me around. I’m a hearty antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health while harnessing your heart’s muscle tone and vascular condition. I’m also an amazing circulatory tonic to keep things flowing and flourishing.


Horsetail // Diuretic, Fight Free Radicals  

When it comes to your body, I believe there’s no time to horse around! I’ll nourish your body as a diuretic so you are relieved of any mild irritations appearing in your urinary tract. I’m also an epic natural edema that works well for fluid retention. And in other situations, I’m applied directly to the skin as a healing agent for wounds and burns.


Ashwagandha // Heart Health, Stress Alleviation  

If I sound exotic, it’s because I am. I’m a root from the nightshade family known in the ancient medicinal world as a herb that helps to reduce blood sugar levels, cortisol, and stress levels. Not only will I help alleviate your anxiety, I’ll also reduce symptoms of depression.


Reishi // Immune Support, Heart Health, Hormone Balancer 

Out of the 14,000 species of mushrooms that exist in the mycology world, I’m kind of a big deal. I’ve been used for centuries to mega boost the immune system, reduce the impact of stress, and lessen fatigue. I’m also a natural remedy for conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Gotu Kola “Collagen” // Cognitive Function, Beauty Stimulant, Cellular Repair 

I’m popularly known as the modern-day anti-aging antidote. But, my effects are far greater than skin elasticity. I’m a cognitive booster that is clinically proven to enhance memory and intellect while helping your body to prevent Alzheimer’s. I’m also a go-to calmative for restless and nervousness that gets to work by reducing stress and anxiety via an increase of GABA concentration in the brain.


California Poppy // Stress Alleviation, Sleep Aid  

Famous as the bright and orange flower that hails from California, I'm as chilled as the state I come from and I get you just as chilled too. I've got a reputation amongst the traditional herbalists for my powers to calm and relax whoever I come in contact with. I'm part of the family,  Papaveraceae, and although I'm technically an opiate - I'm the special family member that isn't addictive. Indulge in me as a mild sedative to treat insomnia or naturally relieve pain. I've got a way of soothing even intense anxiety and high-strung emotions so you can own your day with more mental clarity, balance, and wise decision-making skills.


Passionflower // Stress Alleviation, Mental Clarity  

I’m the flower that turns on the ardor. I will put you to sleep without you needing to count sheep by putting your mind at ease and allowing you to leave your stresses on your bedside table. I’ll calm that monkey brain and wild behavior since I ease ADHD tendencies. Let me make you feel good with a deep night’s sleep and my mild pain relief properties.


Ginkgo // Antioxidant, Brain Activator, Heart Health  

I put the good stuff in your blood flow. I’m known as a treatment for blood disorders because I’m bomb at enhancing cardiovascular health. A happy heart is my number priority but I improve memory problems and eye health too. My antioxidant range will scavenge any free radicals lurking around. 


Polygonum // Fights Free Radicals, Antioxidant, Beauty Stimulant  

I’m the herb of youth with anti-aging properties that put the fountain of youth to shame. I will make sure you don’t have any sneaky premature greys growing and I’ll alleviate your tinnitus. A young body also has balanced cholesterol so I’ll help you out in that department too.


Oregon Grape // Digestive, Beauty Stimulant 

Glowing skin beams through from a happy gut. I got you baby, I’ll aid your digestive sytem and relieve any blockages so you can shine from the inside out. And if you suffer from any conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema - I’ll help alleviate those for you too!


Echinacea // Immune Support, Antioxidant  

I’m a daisy with a serious kick! If you need to combat colds or flu, keep me in the mix. I’m a major antioxidant and anti-microbial infection fighter that will shorten the duration of a cold and get your immune system back on track.


Astragalus // Immune Support, Antioxidant  

No, I’m not a name of a star - I’m one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Not only am I an all-round immune supporter but I’m also a dietary supplement that eases diarrhea, fatigue, upper respiratory infections, heart disease, and hepatitis.


Cats Claw // Anti-Inflammatory, Immune Support  

Found in the tropical jungles of South and Central America, I’m a woody vine filled with a lot of meow! My properties are purr-fect for easing arthritis pain and acting as an anti-inflammatory. And to top it off, I’ve got oxindole alkaloids that are believed to enhance immune function by as much as 50%.


Holy Basil // Heart Health, Stress Alleviation, Beauty Stimulant  

I'm blessed with the best! I'll boost your body and resurrect your immunity with my array of antioxidants. I come in a super tonic and my benefits will have you believing in the possibilities you can achieve! I'm a heart-led herb focused on healthy lifestyles that relieve anxiety and empower you to adapt to stressful situations. From protecting you against infection to lowering your blood pressure and balancing your stomach, I'm a one stop shop that even eases joint pain to help you recover quicker. I know performance shines from the inside and so that's where I work my magic!


Propolis // Immune Support , Immune Support 

I’m a healing gift from the bees. No, not honey - bee resin, baby! I hold 500 times more flavonoids than oranges  which makes me an antimicrobial antidote that relieves sore throat.


Slippery Elm // Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive, Beauty Stimulant  

Soothing for the digestive tract  

Good for gastritis and ulcers    

I’m a slimy piece of bark that is loved for soothing digestive tracts. I’m the good guy when it comes to gastritis and ulcers. I’m also an anti-inflammatory that keeps your skin vibrant and your immune system happy.


Probiotics // 

I’m powerful, period! Modern-day diets lack the amount of naturally good bacteria your body needs to thrive. The coolest thing about me? I’m alive so I’m going to make you feel alive too! My living microorganisms get to work creating an ecosystem in your gut that makes you feel really good physically, emotionally, and mentally. When you ingest me, I journey through your system with health benefits that are huge since I’m a professional when it comes to promoting the good bacteria that fight off the bad bacteria. Be gone, bad boys!

I’m a little different from others, I’m the tropical kind because I’m made with coconut water which can be used to create an epic dairy-free kefir probiotic. Coconuts are lactose-free making me a match made in heaven for vegans or my friends with allergies. So lemme bring my community of microbes to make you feel like you’re on top of the world.


Adaptogen //

Want to know which plants got an A in health school? The ones that have me written all over them! They call us adaptogens because we empower you to adapt to changing environments. Our superpower is equipping you with the nutrients to resist and relieve stress and anxiety.  

When you consume my class of A-rocking plants, the functioning of your glands and immune responses is balanced and restored to a happy medium that makes you feel centred and serene. The way we do this is by adapting to your body’s atmosphere, we head for the nervous system, brush up on the wellbeing of your brain, and give your body an overall biological boost! My antioxidant-rich vibes are an antidepressant that helps you combat fatigue and enhances your mental performance. You’ll have less anxiety and a higher resistance to stress so you can thrive on even the most mundane of days. Whether you're training for a marathon, pulling an all-nighter study sesh, or even just getting through the daily stresses of work, I’m the one you need!


Cold-Pressed Juice //

When it comes to clean extractions, I'm the best in the business. I'm the pathway to pureness that is totally preservative-free! My hydraulic press applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract and retain the maximum amount of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. This method allows me to give you the perfect amount of nourishment. The hydraulic press applies NO heat and minimizes exposure to oxidization keeping things as fresh as it gets, providing you with the highest nutrient-dense product out there. My kind of extracts is unbeatable with 20%-30% more concentrated juice with the awesome bonus of giving you superfoods in a bottle for an extended period of time since my shelf life is quite impressive. I'm clean, I'm potent, I'm packed with power, and I'm the kind of addition to the diet that will transform your whole day.