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Benefit: Immune Support ● Anti Inflammatory

Remember that spicy summer that made you feel like you were on fire? I saved that juicy memory for you and bottled it up in a citrusy, vitamin C party. Everyone loves a good anti-inflammatory remedy that boosts immunity. Strong immunity is the stairway to success and there is no better taste of success than this! It’s the kind of juice you can’t help but close your eyes while you drink because it makes you feel like you’re laying on a tropical island getting served freshly squeezed heaven made from oranges that taste like literal gold. 

Echinacea is my key to being a great anti-inflammatory antidote and it will help you find balance and overall relief. Paired with Propolis and I’m just the powerhouse your body needs. I’ll bust any cold, flu, or bad mood so you can live it up like you were meant to!

You can trust me to arrive with that turmeric kick that will make your immune system come alive. Now that I’ve introduced myself, orange you glad you met me and my spicy summer flavours?

          • GREEN APPLE
          • ORANGE - Yes, vitamin C but also iron, B6, folate, potassium, and thiamine - ya know what I mean?
          • LEMON
          • TURMERIC - I’m an ancient remedy, a brain booster, and a reliever of arthritis, gout, and muscle pain
          • PROPOLIS
          • ECHINACEA