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Benefit: Detox ● Circulation Support

Ready to move beyond the borders of your comfort zone? I am your go-to for a flush that will have you feeling fresher than a field of daisies! My flavours are layered with walks in the forest and picnics in the valley. 

I’ve got supreme spirulina on board, an algae with an attitude and more antioxidants than you can count. Paired with Hawthorn, a life hack for cardiovascular health, and you’ve got a grounding potion that looks like the ocean and tastes like earth in a bottle. 

Drink up my clean, earthy, deep emerald elixir packed with more veggies than you can eat off your dinner plate. I’m the kind of aggressive green juice that gets you moving and grooving through your day like you never have before!

          • CUCUMBER - Need to keep cool and calm? I’ll tell your anxiety to take a hike
          • CELERY
          • ROMAINE
          • LEMON
          • KALE
          • SPINACH
          • PARSLEY
          • GINGER
          • SPIRULINA - Algae with an attitude and more antioxidants than you can count
          • HAWTHORN