WOKE kôfē

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Benefit: Brain Activator ● Energy Stimulant

The best way to wake up? With my orgasmic Oat Mylk style latte that gets your senses buzzing and slides down your throat like silk. Let me be your morning glory with a rich aroma that is even richer in neuro-nutrients. I’m the best coffee date your brain will ever have. I’m bold and naturally sweetened with dates, topped with just a hint of salt.

My Tocotrienols are rich in vitamin E to stimulate your imagination and creamy Almond Butter to activate your analyzing skills. I’m the brew made for energy bombs and exceptional days. For real, this is the good sh*t right here - you’ve never tasted a coffee quite as balanced and delectable as me.

          • GLUTEN-FREE OATS - I’ll get you high on manganese, thiamine, and a special buffet of antioxidants known as avenanthramides.
          • COLD BREW KOFE
          • ALMOND BUTTER
          • TOCOTRIENOLS
          • COCONUT OIL
          • DATES
          • VANILLA
          • MAPLE SYRUP